ASTERIA (as.te.ria) noun: Greek Goddess of nocturnal oracles and falling stars.

Asteria Magazine was created for all the girls out there who are night-owls, who watch idealistic morning routine videos with incredulous envy, who are more likely to do afternoon yoga than an early morning run, who couldn’t get to sleep for wondering how the universe works.

She’s always late and looks permanently a bit sleepy at work but friends come to her because she’s always interested in other people’s stories. For her, life hasn’t just been about hand-bags and shoes, it’s been about intrigue and empathy, intellect and curiosity.

She loves beauty and fashion and interior design and gardening and psychology and tales of inspiring women and any fascinating stories which keep her up at night.

Essentially, she has her head in the clouds, and Asteria IS the clouds, so welcome Asteria girl, welcome.